Monday, December 16, 2019

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Years ago the day after Thanksgiving would be a Home run for us!

Good Crowds of Customers loaded up with all kinds of Turkey sandwiches for all who sailed. Not so much today. The crew that came out today were fortunate enough to be on the best Striped Bass bite of the season, from the first drift to the last.

Nasty going out and most of the morning with the hard incoming against a 20 knot North wind. You could surely say we were fishing in the Snot!

Saw the bird life from a couple miles away as it stretched from one channel to the other. First drift lasted 40 minutes just catching. Henry fishing the pulpit as usual landed 50 fish by day's end and took the pool on his last keeper of the day. Eric also had close to 50 fish and so on. Everyone went home with dinner.

Going out with a Bang as tomorrow (Saturday),is our last trip.  Sunday & Monday look lousy with the weather, along with the lack of customers coming down it's time to put the boat away.

Hope to see you in the AM!

Capt. Ron

Good, all day jig fishing once again on Wednesday. Weather co-operated and waited till the end of the day before it started to get nasty. Everyone went home with a nice Striper dinner.

So here we are, the end of November came in an instant once again and another season has gone bye. Looks like Friday & Saturday will be our final trips fishing for Striped Bass. Sunday & Monday look like crap so this will be our swan song for 2019.

If we don't see you, enjoy the next couple of Holidays and pray for a Happy New Year. Give Everyone in your life a Hug, you never know when that too shall pass.

Thanks to all for Fishing with Myself, Capt. Ron Sr., Joe, Joey & June this season. Joe is already talking about next season and we haven't put the boat away.

Young Joey finally got to work a full season and work he did, he was my diamond in the ruff this year and got to put some money in the bank to pay for College.  June is working on a Bigger Burger for the galley!!!!

We do appreciate each and everyone of you and look forward to seeing everyone in 2020.

Capt. Ron, Joe & Joey






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