Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

The AM was nothing like yesterday on the bite. We struggled to catch a handful of keepers and some shorts. Tom Krako worked it well despite the slow bite and put 4 nice keepers in the cooler along with Mark, fishing in the Bow who also had 4 fish. All fish, 4 to just under 7 pounds and a tie for the pool. Tom the Vet landed 3 beauties along with a couple others who had 2 or 3 in the box .

Golf pro Doug landed a beauty at just under 7 pounds to tie Mark for the split on the pool, his second keeper came in at 4 pounds.

Capt. Ron Sr., Jimmy, Richie, Moe, Dave, Lenny and a bunch of the regs had a tough day today, some with one and some with none. Had a husband and wife team that came through at the end of the day with 3 great fish in the cooler.

Keepers were all Bigger fish but we had to work our Butt off to catch what we did. Big roll in the ocean and lack of current out there didn't help.......Kudo's to Mark, Tom the Vet and Tom the Hammer for the clinic today, without them, I wasn't looking so good!!

Back at it tomorrow....Capt.Ron

Good bite to start the day.....Had to give Dave B, a little talking to this morning, told him to go back to Old School fluke fishing like he used to do, 20 lb test leader, Gulp and Bait. After filling a 2 gallon bucket with gulp and buying all the right jigs, rods and anything else that changed his game, he took my advise. I'm sure he's glad he did..6 keepers on the first couple of drifts!!  I tip my hat to yo Sir!

Jack was hot in the Bow with 4 nice fish and the Pool Fish at 5 pounds. June, fishing in the Stern had 3. Chris V with 3, fishing on the side and a cooler full of Great tasting Sea Robbins to bring home. (Hope he post's some pics of the Cooked Fish) as we both agree, they are also excellent eating.

Couple other nice fish around the boat but once the current started to run, the bite died. Tried to keep ahead of the current and actually came back to it once the boats left the area. I'm sure all those sinkers pounding the bottom in the same place didn't help the bite today. Finished up with a shot of fish down the beach.

Just glad to see there's more than one area of fish the past couple of days! Back at it tomorrow....

Capt. Ron

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