Monday, June 17, 2019

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

I knew we had a short window of opportunity today to try some Fluke fishing down the beach to start the day so that's where we headed!

We got to make one drift, caught 2 keepers and 6 shorts before the tide changed, the wind came up and the shit hit the fan!

Anchored up and slugged away on the Sea Bass and some ling. Ocean got worse as the day went on but the guys toughed it out till the end.

Please guys, when myself or the crew tell you to hit the bottom and take a couple cranks up so you don't get stuck, and the fish are off the bottom, please heed the advise! Had several guys loose 3-5 rigs today which should never happen if you listen to the crew.

We do this everyday and certainly don't want you to have to incur any additional expense. When I read the fish 8 to 10 feet off the bottom, that's where you need to be......This is almost like "Turn the Handles" Blue or Bass fishing.

Back at it tomorrow Bottom Fishing, Sea bass closes on the 22nd so everyone PLEASE PRAY for some Big Fluke to arrive!!

The RFA (which I am a member) has a trip scheduled for June 29th, we need 10 more guys who feel the passion for an awesome organization that works hard for us every day. Tickets are $120, for all the details of what is included or if you'd like to book please reach out to Dave Daly at

973-479 7768.  This is an awesome day, great fun with many of the legends from! We will be busting Butt to get it done!

Capt. Ron


The Ocean was angry today!

We beat our way out to the Sea Bass grounds, didn't think they would bite with the huge swell and prepared for the worst.

Read plenty of life and surprisingly, it wasn't off the bottom, go figure. Slugged away all day with good action on Shorts and Keepers.

I'm sure everyone aboard, including myself & the crew will be in Bed Early tonight!

WE ARE CHARTERED IN THE MORNING (SATURDAY).  OPEN boat on Sunday for Fathers Day sailing at 7:30am Bottom Fishing.

Macy's  Fireworks Cruise tickets are on Sale Now. $60 per Adult.  Booked early as we are the only boat sailing from Atlantic Highlands!!

Capt. Ron

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