Friday, August 01, 2014

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Slow drift once again in the AM, even with the buck-tail fishermen we didn't produce like I wanted. Tried the channel and found not much life just a couple fish. Went back to the shallow water and worked some rough bottom. Picked away on the shorts with a few keepers waiting for that change of tide.

Got the outgoing and the bigger fish started to bite, glad we had some patience today!! Stayed late giving the guys a shot at some nicer fish.

Anchor Joe waited till the end of the day to change his spot and land the pool fish at 6.4 pounds!
Tom and Gerry Krako combined for 5 nice fish, one at 5 1/2 another at 4 pounds. Billy fishing in the bow had 4 and Jim landed 3 beauties. Kelly also had 2 very nice fish fishing in the bow with his son Tim.
Capt. Ron Sr. had another limit "Old School style" working the bait.

Back at it tomorrow....
Capt. Ron

First drop in the AM produced 5 nice keepers right off the bat, problem was, we landed on them and without a drift things were tough! Kept bouncing around with just a pick on shorts and a few keepers waiting for some Wind or current, anything that would help us produce.
When that didn't happen we got the hell outta dodge! Ran back to the North to catch the change of tide and some current, first area only found a few shorts. Made another move and found some life, lots of shorts a few keepers and a beauty that was lost at the net! Hate to say it but it would have been a New Pool leader for sure! Pool fish was over 7 pounds once again with a couple bigger fish in the mix, just not enough for all the folks on-board today.

Will see what the AM brings as far as conditions but I think we already have our game plan in place. Weather looks great once again.

Capt. Ron

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