Monday, August 21, 2017

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Didn't know what to expect after yesterdays weather and South wind...Naturally, we had a roll that was left over but it didn't keep the Big girls from biting!  Lack of conditions, No current and not much breeze kept the drift down to under a half knot....Didn't matter though as the guys who worked hard all got rewarded with Big Fish.

Tom Fishing in the Bow started it off with a beautiful 7.14 pound Fluke then topped it off with another 6.2 pounder.

Chris Zotti & Pat also fishing in the Bow put on a clinic with their Jigging skills and ended the day with 4 & 3 Great fish Each up to 6 1/2 pounds. Couple guys who lost a Charter today were glad they made to us in time and put another 8, 7 and 6 pound Fluke in the box. Several other Great Fluke around the boat along with some Nice Sea Bass.

Highlight of the Trip goes to Frank Hollisi, Milltown, N.J. who landed his personal best and our Third double digit in a week at Ten Pounds, Three ounces, 28 1/2 inches long! Big, Round, Thick Fish.  I just about jumped off the top deck to grab the net when I saw him hook up. Rod doubled over like it was stuck in the bottom....Two huge head shakes and the battle began. The sprow Frank was fishing with fell out of the mouth as soon as it went slack in the net. Thank god he didn't get Doe fever and drop his rod when it came to the net, I would have been looking for her again tomorrow!

Back at it tomorrow, not much time left unfortunately as we work hard everyday to get it done.

Capt. Ron

Tough fishing today with a hard out going Southerly current and a Nasty roll made it more than tough for most aboard. Went back looking for that Big one we lost yesterday but the conditions didn't warrant a chance at catching her.

Still, we made the best of what we had and managed a few nice fish bouncing around the rocky bottom. Pool fish went 6 pounds we also had a couple nice Triggers and some big Sea Bass. No Limits, or all day bite unfortunately for us.

Will see what happens in the AM as the Weather asses are looking to kill us again.

NOTE: Please bring a small cooler with some ice guys and girls. I can not in my right mind give out buckets that turn into swill water and poach your fish by day's end. We cannot mark every Sea Bass, Porgy, Fluke or anything else we catch and keep them in our bait cooler. The crew has enough to do and trying to remember peoples marks when they forget, is just nuts.  You don't need a 150 quart for what we are catching these days, but please, bring something!!


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