Monday, August 21, 2017

Atlantic Highlands, Sandy Hook, Raritan Bay Party Boat Fishing Aboard Captain Ron's Fishermen

Fishing from Atlantic Highlands and the Sandy Hook Area offers us the best of both worlds, The Ocean and the Bay!

We primarily fish the ocean, rocks, wrecks, reefs and open bottom. But on those days where it's questionable, we have the calm sheltered waters of SandyCapt. Ron Santee hook and Raritan Bay. Lot's of spots to choose from. Atlantic Highlands is centrally located at the shore, in the middle of the state. Easy access for customers from NY, PA, Northern and Southern NJ.

Most Raritan Bay and Sandy Hook Fish species we target actually migrate to this area to spawn and spend the summer months, less time riding and more time fishing for our customers!!!

Season starts in April fishing for Striped Bass.

Stripers are one of the most exciting fish out there. The average size is 24 to 48 inches or 5 to 40 pounds! Along with being the best looking fish and a good fighter, they also taste great.

We fish till Mid June then switch to Fluke fishing for the Summer months.

Fluke (or Summer Flounder) are bottom dwellers. We fish several areas for Fluke, depending on the time of season. The Bay, Ocean, Channels, nothing is out of our reach. The average size Fluke for our area run 14 to 30 inches,1 to 10 pounds. However, several fish each season are caught  between 10 and 14 pounds! Fluke are a challenge to catch, that’s what keeps customers coming back.

We finish up the season with our Fall Striper run. Normally from the last week in October through Christmas (weather permitting). Jigging or Bait Fishing between the channels, in the bay or down the beach, this is probably the most exciting time of year. Fish are migrating for the winter and are normally very hungry.............If you haven’t fished with us before, give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you! Capt. Ron Santee

Captain Ron's Latest Fishing Report

It always seems to be the norm that when we have a boat load of Customers, the conditions just go to Hell! Yesterday we barely moved all day drifting at .2 to .3 knots all day. Better for the jiggers of course, but today....

We put the weight on first thing in the AM but it didn't seem to help. With the wind blowing NW 15 (instead of 10 out of the west) and a good outgoing current we couldn't stay were we have fished all week. Moved inshore and slugged away on Some keeper Fluke & Sea Bass. Couple guys had their 3, some with 2 and a bunch of Big Beautiful Sea Bass in the mix once again.

Laura Berg fishing the Pulpit (as usual), took the honors with a nice pool winning 7 Pound Fluke along with another keeper for dinner.

Very tough trying to get everyone acclimated as to how to fish in those conditions, especially on the weekend. I say it again guys for the countless times I have been posting...We are fishing the Big Ocean, there is Wind, there is Current, those light Ugly sticks just don't make it....I'm begging you, PLEASE bring at least One Medium to heavy action Rod that can handle up to 10-12 ounces!  If you want to catch fish, that's what you have to do to catch fish with us. Wish I could stay in the bay and fish 20 ft of water and mud but it's not happening this season. We are fishing Rocky Bottom, Snags and some nasty stuff, today we broke 2 Rods that went before the line snapped!  You have been givin the heads up once again!

Back at it tomorrow.

Capt. Ron

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