Saturday, November 22, 2014

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Fished a new area today and found some very nice Stripers! No where near the traffic as yesterday.

Still, a lot of running around as the fish are feeding on a tremendous amount of Rain Fish.
Couple drifts actually made the day for us and we certainly didn't catch what we were reading on the fish finder.
Dr. Sal made it two days in a row with the pool. Todays fish went 26 1/2 pounds! June Benson and Bill Fell also had thier limits on very nice fish.
Great day on the water.

Thought for sure with the NW, colder temps and the amount of fish around yesterday, today would be the day...

No such luck. The miles of bird life on the way out turned into small patches of life here and there. Bluefishing was O.K. and only a couple of Bass to show for covering half the coast.
Tried clamming for one stop and never had a bite. I'm sure with the weather report for the weekend, it's gonna be a parking lot out there. Got the Advil in the lunch bag ready to go!!

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