Saturday, September 20, 2014

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Getting old bitching about the Weatherman, the supposed huge swells, the economy and all the other crap.....let's talk about the lousy fishing!!

Been searching all over the ocean for a bite...Channels, snags, wrecks, reef, you name it we've been there since last Thursday only to find a handfull of fish.

Some very nice Sea Bass have added to the catch and on a couple of the days actually made the day for us. The largest Fluke of the Week goes to Tom Krako with another beauty at 7.4 pounds.

Today we had a hard incoming current on the way the time we got to the channel, no drift and a hard current on the bottom running to the North!
Tried offshore, down the beach, the reef and back to Scotland to only produce a few fish along with the Sea Bass. One actually made 5 1/2 pounds!!

I guess now the next nail in the coffen will be the storm coming after Daniel, whether or not we get it.
Bluefishing was very good again this weekend, Chumming. Will finish that up next weekend. Couple pics from the past few days....
Chartered this Friday morning.....

Fished the ocean today after being tied up for 2 days...
A slight swell left over but nothing to give us any problems. Had a bite on Sea Bass until the change of tide, then we picked at the Fluke. Nowhere near the fishing we had on Sunday.
Bill managed to land the pool fish at 7.4 pounds, Capt.Ron Sr. had one 6 1/4 for the larger fish of the day.
Hopefully tomorrow the bite will be a bit better. With only 11 trips left for us, I'd like to finish it up on the plus side!!

Bluefishing Saturday and Sunday afternoon 3:30pm till 9:30pm.

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