Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

First off, let me thank everyone for all the well wishes for my Dad, all the E mails and calls were just unbelievable the past two weeks...:)
He had one of his Heart valve's replaced yesterday after a very long two weeks in the hospital.
He will be in the Intensive care unit till (hopefully) Monday...then that road to recovery. Again, Thank you for all the support.

Now for the dreaded fishing report!!  Finally made it out today and found NO Change in the bite from Tuesday. Certainly not enough action for me to keep it going so today was the last Fluke trip of 2011.

We will start Striped Bass fishing Sunday the 25th. Some fish are already starting to show and the fall looks promising.
 Amazing how we were all so happy in the Spring to have the extra days this season to only have our bubble busted once again by the weather......The quota should be up there next season, but we really have to push for at the very least a 1/2 less on the size.
They could give us 10,000,000 pounds additional but what the hell good is it if we can't utilize it?

See you on Sunday!!

Another tough day of fishing, with some very tough news to handle on the home front.

Capt.Ron Sr. is in the hospital with blood clots in the leg and was just told he has to have a heart valve replacement. They will be doing a catherzation to see how far the damage goes, then schedule the operation....Very sad to hear my Dad so down, especially since he is always so full of life.
Please keep him in your thoughts....

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