Monday, October 24, 2016

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Morning started out hot with plenty of action on shorts and keepers. Got mugged and the bite died so we left the area. Took a bit of a ride and found lots of readings but the conditions just weren't right. We had a slow pick and hung in there waiting for things to get right, when it did, it was light's out fishing on Bass up to 24 pounds!!

All Bait fishing with shots of 3 to 5 on at a time. Big Dave had the hot had with 15 fish, many limits around the boat included a few first time fishermen. Excellent Spring run so far!!!!

Pics and Video tell the rest of the story as we made a whole bunch of customers happy today.

The Ocean had her growl on again today with the outgoing tide and East wind!

Had fish on right away when we anchored up and slugged away on keepers and shorts for the first hour. Started to loose the current and I knew it would be skates and crap for a long time waiting for the change so we blasted off to go jigging.

Readings on bait and fish were off the charts but we certainly didn't catch what was under the boat. Most still stayed with the clams instead of jigging Go figure. Had some very nice fish on the jigs and stayed with it as long as we could. Rolled our cruller off in some horrible conditions hoping the change of tide would make things better. When that didn't happen we headed back to where we finished the day the past couple trips.

Landed some beauties to finish out the trip including the pool at 22 pounds 39 inches caught by Dean Lott, Bath PA. Dean is loving life catching this beautiful fish!
Rob had high hook with 9 fish followed by Vinny "Vintastic" who had 8 nice fish, landing five of them on his first five cast's!!

Capt. Dan is out tonight and already has a bunch of keepers in the boat. Huge area of Bass out there and they are hungry! Come get some before it's too late....
Capt. Ron

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