Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

I knew the ocean would be out today as I pullled into the Harbor. Flags were straight out and into the East. With the incoming for most of the morning and a new moon current at that, we had to go to plan B.

Before all the D.E.C. enforcment on the NY side, years ago I would have fished up toward the Bridge, West Bank or the Red side of Ambrose by Toys R Us. Great Bottom, lots of big fish. Unfortunatly the hassle isn't worth it and with my attitude, it could be costly.
Stayed local, the Reach was tough with a pretty good roll and short fish. Worked around the pier and picked away each drift. Not hot fishing by any means but we did put some nice keepers in the boat. Frank was high hook with 4 beauties.
Big Bill hit the pool with a very nice 6 pounder on the last drift. Tom "Hammer" had a nice 4 pounder up until then..
Tried to get out into the ocean at slack hoping for a 1/2 hour of good fishing on the change, but the roll was too much. Finished up back in the bay.

Chartered tomorrow (Friday) morning.
Afternoon fishing Saturday and Sunday 3:30 till 9:00pm fishing for Fluke.
Tiered of the weather reports reeking havoc on our business!! This crap has been going on for years and has too stop!! Someone has to be held accountable for total incompetence on their part.

With the technology we have, the weather profession is still a guessing game. Some jack ass in a suite and tie, payed to say whatever has the best shock value.....Tornadoes! Holy crap, I'm in Kansas once again. Saw one water spout in all my years on the water.
The head of these fronts when they come through, always produce hard gusty winds, the same winds as 40 years ago, but today with all the sensationalism, it's the end of the world.
Oh no, another tree fell and hit someones house, (the tree was probably old and rotted anyway)! power lines are down, people without electric....Christ the Indians lived through for the fishing today.

Fished the ocean all day, picked away through the last couple of hours of tide. Best of the bite was from slack into the change. Several nice fish once again, Jeff in the bow having high hook honors with 5 nice keepers.
Mitch Jevic had a new look today and was a happy camper with a handfull of keepers and a 5 pound pool fish.
Kelly had 4 along with a couple other customers who had 4 also.
Ole Shrimpman had a day from Hell...poor karma right from the start took him out of his game today, wish I had caught the fit on tape!!

Back at it tomorrow, Chartered on Friday.

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