Monday, May 21, 2018

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Started the Morning in the Channels. With a Short window of opportunity, I told the gang, be ready with lot's of weight. Had some nice fish on the first drift, mostly keepers. Didn't think the current would run that fast so soon. 2.4 knots before we knew it. Tried to work further out the channel but NG.

Had to make a decision to either go back into the back bay or run South. I decided to run South and Glad we did! 8 nice keepers and short action on the first drop let me know that we found a nice line of fish to work. Worked it hard all day putting some very nice keepers in the coolers. 3 fish over 6 pounds with the pool fish making 6.11. Several from 3 to 5 pounds.
High hooks had 4, no limits just lots of good action....Nice to pull a Rabbit outta the hat every now and then!

Weather is looking iffy for Tomorrow and Tuesday, will see what the AM Brings as they have been wrong before!!


Capt. Ron

Another good start to the day today with lot's of action and several big fish.
First pool leader started out at 4 pounds, short lived as a 5 plus, then a 7 pounder were boated. Got three good drifts in before the current made it impossible to fish the area.

Checked out something else and found some life, keepers and shorts till that died. Bounced around with life every place we looked. Finished up where the day started and found our Pool fish...
Big Moe, a weekly reg aboard the Fishermen, hooked into what he thought was the bottom until that head started shaking!! Up comes a beautiful 31 inch, 10 pound 4 ounce Pool winner, Moe's personal best along with the 3 keepers and a nice Sea Bass in the cooler. Unfortunately, Moe wasn't in the "BIG POOL" so Dan still has the lead at 9 pounds.

Dave B and his beautiful Bride were out celebrating there Anniversary with us today, Dave with his quality shorts while his Bride put dinner in the box!!
Sorry Dave, had to do it! LOL
Those Bachovchin girls know how to catch fish!

Back at it tomorrow.
Capt. Ron

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