Thursday, May 05, 2016

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Nice way to start the season for Myself and the boys!

Headed out to the back bay first thing this morning. Read loads of bait and had some pretty good readings on the bass. Unfortunately, we were on the end of the tide and had to wait it out for the change and some current. Lousy conditions after the change and several drops only landing 1 fish and loosing a good one. Trollers were picking away but the fish didn't want the clams.
Left the area in search mode.....Found some current and a nice pick on fish up to 15 pounds! 1 short of a limit for the 5 of us with a few shorts going back. Clams were the ticket for us today.
Nice to enjoy a day on this side of the business once in a while!!!

Got to put the first video of the season together along with a couple nice pics.
We were hoping to start tomorrow but with a good East wind and 80% chance of rain, we will wait till Sunday.
Hope to see you soon, Capt. Ron............Enjoy!

The start to the 2012 fishing season will be Saturday March 31st.  Sailing daily everyday from there on 7:30am till 2:30pm fishing for Striped Bass.

Fare is $65 for Adults  $58 for Seniors and $30 for children under 12.

Looks like an early run is on as the water temp is already in the 50's!!  We will Clam (bait) or Jig fish, what ever it takes.

Looking forward to another Great Spring run.

Thank you,

Capt. Ron

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