Monday, December 16, 2019

First drift this morning in the first 5 minutes produced our two Largest Fluke of the day.

Chris Zotti and Sarge fishing in the Bow both hooked up at the same time, Chris landed the first fish at 4.6 pounds followed by Sarges pool winning Fluke at 5.7 pounds....the bite pretty much went to crap in the area after that!

Fished a couple other drops in the area only catching shorts, so we got the hell outta there. Went in search mode and finally found a piece we could work with some life on it.

Ended the day with Several other keepers up to 3 pounds with a load of shorts and some very nice Sea Bass. Breeze finally come on late in the afternoon. Looks like the weather is going to be Awesome the rest of the week once this front goes through tonight!!!


Capt. Ron

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